List of Fees

Annoucncements v1

Resale disclosure fees for Va. POA per 55-509.6, and Condominium per 55-79.97:1

Adjusted fees are shown in bold experiencing their first CPI-U adjustment on Jan. 1, 2013; the next adjustment will be Jan. 1, 2018

  1. Inspection of exterior of dwelling and lot:  $109.31
                                  Additional inspection:  $109.31

  2. Preparation and delivery of the disclosure packet
                  two copies in paper format:  $163.97
    additional copies in paper format:   $27.33
    emailed electronic format:   $136.64

  3. Expedite fee:  $54.66

  4. Actual cost paid to a third party commercial delivery service for hand delivery or overnight delivery --- at the option of the seller/seller's agent.  55-509.6(B)(5) 
  5. Post closing fee to establish the purchaser as owner of the property in the records of the association: $54.66

  6. Sign Fees: 
    Double sided Open House sign at $15.40 each
    Single sided Open House sign at $11.40 each
    Under Contract/Sold Rider at $20.00 each


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